Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Get Real Free Credit Report Without a Credit Card

Let me tell you what makes me sick. Real sick. Websites that advertise free credit reports but won't give them to you unless you provide your credit card information. Yes, I'm looking at you credit bureaus.

You don't need a credit card for a credit report
These websites are everywhere. They're, of course, after your money. You see, you can only access that free credit report by agreeing to sign up for some service. You can cancel at any time, but the website (yep, credit bureaus included) is banking on the fact that you'll forget and they'll get to charge your credit card for a couple of months before you wise up to the scam and cancel the service.

That is not what the government had in mind when it promised consumers a free copy of their credit reports once each year.

Lucky for you, there is a way to get your free credit report without providing your credit card information. You wouldn't believe the number of people out there who think they don't get to pull and review free copies of their credit reports because they don't have a credit card. That is how prevalent this BS has become! It's twisted, immoral, unethical and just plain wrong.

There. It's the only website that will provide you with a copy of your credit report without demanding that you provide your credit card number. The Federal Trade Commission backs this website as the only legitimate "no credit card required" free credit report service. Ironically, the credit bureaus work hand in hand with to provide this service, yet you can visit any of the three credit bureaus' website and also get a "free" credit report...of course, you have to provide your credit card number first.

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